With the planet, with the environment and with ourselves.

We are committed to sustainability in its broadest meaning. We challenge and push the boundaries to make high quality glasses in a respectful and sustainable way, consistent with the world we live in.

Every decision we make is a symbol of our commitment; from the use of eco-friendly materials, to pioneering new recycled materials, to push our designs towards circularity and up-cycling. 

Our ambition is to define what the future of fashion will look like and become an engine of positive change in this industry. We have clear goals for this 2020 and great ambitions for 2021 and beyond. It is all part of our journey to be more responsible.

Through our constant experimentation with different materials, designs, and techniques, we have already achieved the goal of manufacturing 100% of our collection from responsible materials such as organic acetate. We are now working with new recycled materials to offer you more innovative, quality, and sustainable products.






We have many ecofriendly collections; these glasses are made with an organic acetate, cotton based, without additives or chemical plasticizers. In this way, we significantly reduce the use of fossil materials and carbon emissions in their manufacture. 

Currently, all production is already being carried out with organic acetate to achieve by the end of 2020, an entirely ecological catalogue.

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A capsule made of recycled materials. This is the result of a constant research to achieve the best quality in new materials, with a completely innovative, sustainable, and responsible manufacturing process, which is committed to the circular economy.

These exclusive sunglasses stand out for being manufactured through an UP-CYCLING process; we transform and recycle existing garments and waste Denim garments, into high quality glasses. In this way, we reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in its manufacture.

We love the idea of innovating by reusing existing products to make them new and attractive, through creativity and imagination. Each model has its own story behind. They are unique and exclusive.

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The honesty of a timeless and circular design makes this collection a choice of responsible consumption. 

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