We unite quality, sustainability and design.

NO IDOLS is a way of understanding life where the IDOL is you.

We are a young team, without complexes, open-minded, brave and nonconformist. Our will is not only to offer avant-garde designs; we want that everything we do have a soul and a reason why. We push all boundaries to show that we are much more than a glasses brand, and that fashion industry could not be superficial.

From this confluence between attitude and principles was born NO IDOLS; from that desire to flow with fashion and trends always seeking to enhance your style so that can be unique and personal.


Since our beginnings in 2017, we work to minimize our ecological footprint while striving to offer a complete and quality product. Therefore, in our commitment to change the present and build a better future, we work with enthusiasm to find the most efficient and environmentally friendly formula.

Our mission is to produce with high quality and ecological materials that we transform into cool, urban and independent designs. For us it’s important not to lose sight of any detail during the entire creative and manufacturing proces.

With this premise, we have achieved a 100% sustainable production, but without neglecting what makes us special. Because above all we are fashion, character and identity, and we cross the barrier of the superficial.

You, who are reading these lines and want to be part of this revolution of change, are the IDOL. And we want to be with you and we want to be with the planet.

We are NO IDOLS.

More info in this page sustainability.